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Who are we?
We are a specialist networked consultancy that helps organisations minimise the risks associated with procuring and implementing change.

We operate in three very specific areas - each with a focus on ensuring delivery of Change.  These are PROJECT MANAGEMENT of ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and related fields, COACHING and PROCUREMENT ADVISORY.

Because we understand that problems are seldom as obvious as they seem at first glance we concentrate on getting to the heart of the complexity that faces organisations.  We have built a multi-disciplinary network of Change Management & OD specialists who can objectively assess risks, reduce cost and mentor you through the processes.  The result is Clear Direction and a Good Night’s Sleep.

The company was formed in 1994 and has been providing consultancy, project management and related services to clients ever since.  On average each of our principals has blue-chip experience stretching back more than 25 years.  Their experience has ranged from the boardrooms of multinationals to technical & senior managerial roles across an impressive range of organisations.

Our consultants continue to develop their skills and experience through continued professional development and involvement in many fields outside our company.  In this way we can be sure that they don't get stale and continue to develop our Best Practice model.

  • What else do we do?  The overall theme of our work is Change and therefore we focus on the governance of anything that is related.  This can range from mentoring executives on managing complexity and developing creativity, to running the review processes on behalf of Programme Boards.
  • What won't we do?  Critically for both ourselves and our clients, we know when to say 'No'.  We are not averse to turning down assignments where we believe that our skills are inappropriate or the circumstances are not right.  We intend to remain small and focussed - to the benefit of our clients and our specialists.
  • What else can we provide?  We are happy for our clients to consult us about other specialists who may be required to support the change in progress.  It is our policy never to take introducer fees from those we might recommend.  Whether that is an individual or another organisation - if we recommend them it is because we know they are capable of doing the work.  We act without bias in the interests of our clients and no-one else.