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Inviting bids?  Or bidding for work?
First and foremost we understand what makes a good Invitation To Tender - from both sides of the fence.  We will help you get this important document right - so that you understand how it is actually going to deliver the right results for your organisation.  Beyond the selection stage we will also advise you on how best to get the relationship working for both sides.  Win-win is the solution we aim for.

  • Consultancy - being secure in your understanding of what you are asking for will make certain that the right consultants respond to your invitations to tender.  More important, we have seen literally thousands of client specifications and know the pitfalls.  In our experience, in 100% of cases, what the client originally specified as the problem they wanted addressed was not the actual problem that needed to be dealt with.  In some instances the difference is only marginal - but this can still be significant.  Defining the Right Problem leads to the Right Solution.

    The reasons for failure are many; including the experience of those tasked with writing the specification, the complexity of the situation, time and other resources available ... the list goes on.  It all comes down to the processes that are adopted to ensure that problems are properly understood BEFORE solutions are sought.

    We are world-class in problem definition, as you might expect from an organisation that sees this are a core competence to delivering value.  This means we can get you there FAST in terms of setting out what you really need.  Then we will happily step back and let your chosen providers get on with delivering the solution to the RIGHT problem.  Overall this approach has saved our clients £millions by ensuring that effort is directed in the right place from the start.

  • Outsourcing - needs to be clear about where the boundaries lie.  Managing the relationship well in the early days pays huge dividends over time.  We've dealt across the world with outsource partnerships and have been able to help clients get the best from their chosen providers.  Just because outsourcing (by definition) indicates that is something the organisation used to do, does not mean that you can adopt the same management processes as before.
  • Service Provision - is much like outsourcing, with the exception that you probably never did it yourself in the first place.  We will work with you to ensure that you are structuring the relationship to deliver best value.